Office Coffee

Cafes offer a huge variety of delicious coffees and specialty espresso drinks, but special “coffee trips” can cost valuable daylight hours. Torontonians obviously love their coffee, so letting them make their own right at the office can help boost productivity, which saves time and money.

Some employers take particular care of their employees, offering a full range of drinks with specialty brewing machines instead of a standard pot of office coffee in Toronto. Giving people their java fix means there are no interruptions from having to run over to the coffee store, keeping the work flow going smoothly. This smooth workflow results in:

  • Higher productivity
  • Improved employer-employee relations
  • More satisfied employees
  • More punctual employees
  • More attentive employees

Workplace Productivity

Many people are absolutely enamoured with coffee – let’s be honest, most of us are addicted. Caffeine is a stimulant that is readily absorbed by the body through coffee, and is the preferred way for most people to get their fix. Anyone who’s felt the 2pm fog wash over them knows that a cup of fresh java will help them countinue finishing projects and tasks without losing focus. Employees who feel satisfied, appreciated by their employer and aren’t distracted from having to leave the office are more likely to remain on task and perform better in their roles.

Improved Employer/Employee Relations

Everyone is entitled to pay for their work, but some companies stop there. Providing perks like coffee for employees shows that the employer wants them to feel like a valued member of a team, and not just some drone. It soothes nerves and restores a sense of well being, allowing employees to connect with one another as well as with their managers. Coffee is a social beverage, which brings people together and enhances a team bond.

More Satisfied Employees

While coffee is a stimulant, it begins to have the opposite effect on regular drinkers – it actually relaxes them. Caffeine withdrawal can fog the mind, causing people to get frustrated when they can’t complete a task normally, or get irritated more quickly than normal when a co-worker or customer does something unexpected. This can lead to employees becoming dissatisfied with their work environment and believing they are under more stress than normal, thereby causing dissatisfaction. Having office coffee available at a moment’s notice allows people to relax, and stay focused on a task without worrying about how far they have to go to get a coffee. When an employee knows their workplace appreciates them and provides them with more than the bare essentials, it leads to a higher sense of satisfaction.

More Punctual Employees

The lineups at coffee shops in the morning can get ridiculous. With so many coffee drinks in Toronto, it’s not uncommon for cafes to become overloaded with orders and for people to wait in line for 20minutes before getting their coffee. This can be avoided with a good office coffee. Something cheap, burnt and old just won’t do first thing in the morning. Fresh coffee in a high end coffee machine might be just what it takes to get people into the office before the day starts.

More Attentive Employees

Good work is in the details, and good employees pay attention to details. Being a stimulant, coffee allows people to focus more readily on the work at hand and get into the nitty gritty details of their work. It also suppresses appetite, so instead of wondering when they should go for lunch they’re able to ignore their temptation to eat and instead make sure they’re not missing a detail that can cost thousands of dollars.